BBS: Tuning auf höchstem Niveau

homburgplacesiBBS: Tuning auf höchstem Niveau

1970 erblickte eines der heutigen Schwergewichte im Tuning das Licht der Welt. Die Firma BBS wurde in Schiltach von Heinrich Baumgartner und Klaus Brand gegründet. Die Initialen der beiden Firmengründer sowie der Anfangsbuchstabe des Gründungsortes ergaben den Namen BBS. Schon zwei Jahre nach der Gründung sorgte BBS für Furore. Die Firma entwickelte eine dreiteilige Rennfelge, die es so noch nicht gab. Innerhalb nur weniger Jahre setzte sich diese Felge im gesamten Rennsport durch. Aus der Ideenschmiede BBS wurde so der berühmte Felgenbauer BBS.

Die Erfolgsgeschichte der dreiteiligen Rennfelge verlagerte sich im Jahr 1983 auch auf die Straße. Das sogenannte RS-Rad wurde aus der Tau…

Welche Motoren vertragen E10-Kraftstoff

Die Regierung hat Vorgaben zum Klimaschutz zu erfüllen. Sie muss eine bestimmte Menge an Energie einsparen. Entschieden hat sie sich, dies vollständig über den Kraftstoff für Autos und Lkws zu tun. Deshalb wurde Anfang des Jahres eine neue Benzinsorte eingeführt. Der Super E10 genannte Kraftstoff unterscheidet sich vom normalen Superbenzin durch eine erhöhte Beimischung von Bioethanol. Bioethanol wird aus Pflanzen gewonnen, wodurch die Erdölressourcen etwas geschont werden. Ob diese Maßnahme in dieser Hinsicht wirklich Sinn macht, sei einmal dahingestellt. Für Unsicherheit bei den Autofahrern hat sie auf jeden Fall gesorgt.

Nicht jeder Motor verträgt nämlich den höheren Anteil…

Wer sich neidischer Blicke auf den Straßen sicher sein will, muss nicht immer ein extrem teures und luxuriöses Auto fahren. Auch ein Oldtimer sorgt für so manchen Blick von Passanten und anderen Autofahrern. Beim Kauf eines Oldtimers als Gebrauchtwagen ist natürlich auch einiges zu beachten.

Zunächst einmal muss der Gebrauchtwagen mindestens dreißig Jahre alt sein, um als Oldtimer zu gelten. Ist dies der Fall, bekommt das Fahrzeug ein besonderes Kennzeichen für historische Fahrzeuge. Zu erkennen ist dies an einem H, welches auf dem Nummerschild angebracht ist. Zu beachten ist in diesem Zusammenhang aber, dass Gebrauchtwagen, die als historisches Fahrzeug gelten sollen, sich in unve…

Tuning am Wörthersee

Jedes Jahr im Sommer findet eines der bekanntesten Tuningtreffen Europas statt. Am Wörthersee in Österreich versammeln sich dann getunte und aufgemotzte Fahrzeuge der Marken Audi und VW zu einem viertägigen Event, welches wohl seinesgleichen sucht.

Nicht nur Tuning-Enthusiasten haben sich diesen Termin groß im Kalender angestrichen. Auch die Hersteller von Tuningteilen fiebern diesem Event entgegen. Das erscheint auch logisch, denn sie machen an diesen vier Tagen alles andere als schlechte Umsätze. Es gibt sogar Hersteller, die eigens für das Treffen am Wörthersee Tuningteile entwerfen. So hat der Felgenhersteller Dotz zum Beispiel eine spezielle Felge für das 30. Jubiläumstreffe…


The USDA usually issues direct loans for homes of 1,800 square feet or less

In pricey real estate markets like California and Hawaii Home loans can be as high as $ 500,000 or more, and in parts of rural America it can be as low as just over $ 100,000. In many areas of the country a loan limit of $ 216,840 is typical. From USDA programs metropolitan areas are generally excluded. Insured by the government Primary Residential Mortgage (PRMI) is and comprise of the team of the private lenders who offer these loans.  they do have  alternative trade lines options to be dependent on to pay towards the borrowers closings costs if a person does not have this up to 6 % of the sales price the seller is being allowed.

If a person does not have this they do have alternative trade lines options to be dependent on.  The utility bills and cell phone bills are what these alternative trade lines include because they are the basic things any one pays off monthly.  A program sponsored by the USDA might seem to be targeted to farmers and ranchers. The loan in case of borrower in simple words to explains, the U.S. government will guarantee and gets a loan from a private lender such as PRMI.   Eligibility is simply a matter of income and location. The many benefits of these USDA loans are the upfront fee is 2. 75 % are they have very flexible credit requirements. The current factor used for the annual fee is 0. 50 %.  Household income must meet certain guidelines in order to be eligible for many USDA loans.

This allows borrowers to either save money or afford more homes.   Compared to the other loan types USDA Home Loans are usually a cheaper loan because of the low monthly mortgage Insurance.  Included in the USDA Home Loan upfront guarantee fee and an annual fee are the 2 major fees. For you to get a USDA loan for your home there are some of the eligibility criteria, although these loans are easy to get. The annual fee has a larger impact on the borrower’s monthly payment. They understand the needs and demands very well because they live and work in the same communities where they do business and hence, and it has become their specialty.

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Keep call centers with quality

Quality assurance means maintaining a particular quality level for a product or service without any errors or defects in the products or problems while delivering services to the customers. It is important in every type of organizations for its growth and development. A call center can be defined as a place where telephone calls from customers and clients are handled by an organization with computer automation. Call center quality assurance is very important as they handle the queries and issues of thousands of customers. With the help of a quality assurance team, the resources and personnel can be easily relocated to more areas of action. It is useful to improve customer to agent communications.

Every organization will have a separate team or department for performing the quality control and quality assurance. There are many agencies that are engaged in the business of providing quality assurance services in call centers. Call Criteria is one of the best call center quality assurance agencies offering such service. At Call Criteria, the calls are attended and answered by real people instead of voice recognition software. It is a cost effective and detail oriented approach. They help to provide up to date information. The method of third party quality assurance helps to ensure compliance by providing an impartial and extensive approach and maximizes customer experience. Call Criteria enable quick and easy analysis of the call center in its entirety.

The main services offered by Call Criteria includes call center quality control, performance analysis, business process verification, call center compliance, call center affiliate or partner analysis and Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) verification. They help you to identify the behavior of your customer and sales promotion. The call center quality assurance team checks the customer interactions and gives quick feedback. The agency helps you to ensure that the agents strictly follow the rules of the business in the best manner. Call Criteria makes the compliance easy and transparent. Every call is entirely evaluated to find out find out the risk levels with the aspects of compliance. Call Criteria helps an organization to find the best business partner by ensuring that their standards are suited for the principles of your organization.

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Custom home builder in Chicago area

One of the ultimate dreams of every person in the world is a self-owned home. Nowadays, lots of construction companies are offering construction and remodeling works over houses and other buildings. The people of Chicago are normally interested in room additions and remodeling works apart from constructing a new home. The Integrity Construction Consulting, Inc. is the most amazing and widely known Chicago custom home builder. With over 10 years of experience in construction field, they are constructing and remodeling the houses and apartments in Chicago and nearby cities.


Some of the construction works offered by the Integrity Construction Consulting, Inc. are new home construction, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, home additions and siding replacement. By considering the needs and wants of the customers, the Integrity Construction Consulting, Inc. will provide a free and detailed estimation before starting the remodeling or construction works. By utilizing the home addition works, it is possible to combine two or more smaller rooms into a bigger one.


Siding replacement is one of the best solutions to make your old home look more attractive and beautiful. As customer safety and satisfaction are the two primary objectives of the Integrity Construction Consulting, Inc. they will only provide fiber cement siding. The fiber cement sidings will never absorb water. Apart from these features, the Integrity Construction Consulting, Inc. will provide free guaranteed repairing services for 5 years. In order to collect more information about the best Chicago custom home builder, it is always advisable to check the integrityhomeremodeling website.


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